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Our crews are dispatched and supervised by our operations department. All work is scheduled in advance with our customers' on site representative to insure that our arrival fits our customers' schedule. Daily reports are filed on all work performed. Frequent, random inspections are conducted of our crews and their work to insure quality and customer satisfaction. Should any problems arise you can expect them to be handled expeditiously, courteously, and professionally.


The states in which we provide service are divided into 13 regions. The operations for these regions and their offices are managed and supervised by our Statesboro, Georgia office. This gives our customer one point of contact for all service calls, status reports, and inquires.


We unconditionally guarantee everything we do! We will replace any parts, labor, or materials that does not meet our customer's expecations at no additional cost and without question.


Our references are provided by nationally recognized companies and are available upon request.


We pledge to constantly strive to improve our service through education, training, experience, cost control, and most of all, trust.


Our crews are highly trained, skilled, experienced, and equipped to provide a full range of facility maintenance. We also provide construction and remodeling services. For a list of our detailed maintenance capabilities, please click on the Capabilities link to the left.